Monday, December 18, 2006

3D Spirit

I finally finished my 3D Spirit by Thunder Tiger. Here is a look at a flight after inital trim. I really like how the plane handles in the air. There is relatively no info or reviews of this plane online. Given the way it flies I'd have to blame Thunder Tiger for poor marketing or myself for not looking hard enough. This is my first "3d" plane and i feel it is much easier to fly than my trainer.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Our Planes

Here are the planes that we are currently flying, there are others being built.
Shown are:
  1. Extra 330(suitcase version) with a 400 outrunner.
  2. 3D Spirit by Thunder Tiger with an OS 52 4 stroke.
  3. (2) Super Zoom by Hacker? (sold at hobby lobby) with a 400 outrunner.
  4. 28% Wild Hare Edge with a 50cc DA.
  5. Funtana with a 26cc Brillelli

There are quite a few others that are not finished and not started.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Skeeter 30 Build

My dad gave me a Skeeter 30 kit from Kalteisen Aircraft. Its a simple build. Their website says the airframe can be built in 60-90 minutes, i agree. Here are the specs:

RTF Weight: 12oz-14oz
Length: 30
Recomended power system:

Motor: 400 outrunner

700mah-1100mah 3cell LiPo

Anyway, the wing went together in a flash, i think it took longer to CA. The documentation is decent, being that the kit is pretty self explanatory. It's rated for a beginner. I'm thinking about covering in red/red & white checker under.