Thursday, December 14, 2006

Skeeter 30 Build

My dad gave me a Skeeter 30 kit from Kalteisen Aircraft. Its a simple build. Their website says the airframe can be built in 60-90 minutes, i agree. Here are the specs:

RTF Weight: 12oz-14oz
Length: 30
Recomended power system:

Motor: 400 outrunner

700mah-1100mah 3cell LiPo

Anyway, the wing went together in a flash, i think it took longer to CA. The documentation is decent, being that the kit is pretty self explanatory. It's rated for a beginner. I'm thinking about covering in red/red & white checker under.


Brad Thurston said...

The skeeter is coming along well, put on hold after christmas though. Playing with some of my new toys now.

Brad Thurston said...

I finished the plane about a month ago. Got lazy and never took any pictures.

So I was flying in the back yard, and hit a survey stake on a low fly by. the torque for the impact on the wing broke the fuse in half. I may take a picture before i strip off the electronics.